#211: What makes a wrestling expert?

Modern Wrestling Experts

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On this episode, Mark asks the question, “What makes a wrestling expert?”  Spurred on by an idiotic twitter rant by a “wrestling expert” Heath and Mark talk about what it takes to be an expert at anything and also:

  1.  Farm kids
  2. Upcoming stuff for Patrons
  3. Bleacher Report “experts”
  4. Okada had the best year ever?
  5. Folks who run people down on Facebook
  6. Analyzing Basketball
  7. Star Rankings
  8. Siskel and Ebert
  9. Bruiser Brody
  10. Dave Chappelle
  11. Talent Differences
  12. AJ Styles and Omega
  13. More Bruiser Brody talk
  14. Hobby Wrestling
  15. Neville
  16. And much more including
  17. Why you should like the Facebook page of our sponsor, SOS Custom Tees.

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